Flowers Wall Mural 14650

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Flowers Wall Mural 14650 Flowers Wall Mural 14650 Flowers Wall Mural 14650 Flowers Wall Mural 14650 Flowers Wall Mural 14650
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Flowers Wall Mural 14650 is a unique wall mural Bloemen collection carefully selected by FBK.
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Naam: Flowers Wall Mural 14650
Collection: Bloemen
Productnumber: 14650
Size: Please select your size above in the dropdown section below the price.
Quality: You can either select non woven or non woven with a vinyl coating.
Wallpaper Glue: Included for free!

Non Woven or Non Woven with Vinyl Coating



Non Woven (No Texture)


Non woven is one of the most durable types of wallpaper. You can easily hang the multiple panels on your wall with the included sachet of wallpaper glue.This type of non woven material has no texture, so make sure your wall has a smooth surface.

Non woven vinyl (Subtle Structure)


Non woven vinyl has an even more durable material on top of the standard non woven layer. It has a very fine and subtle structure, to make the wall mural even more sustainable during a longer period.

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Product number: 14650


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Flowers Wall Mural 14650
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